• CG Character International Class

    Class Begins / Time: Any moment


    Duration: 17 weeks


    Location:: Online classroom


    Admission Object: Foreigners who want to take part in the training of YCF (English)



  • Please add us in Skypy!

    Skypy: ycfcg@qq.com

  • Outline


    • Homework selection and learning methods
    • Sculpture of Human Muscle Structure
    • Establishment of Equipment Foundation Model
    • Zbrush Modeling Skills



    • Human Model Details
    • Equipment Model Details
    • Pose adjustment
    • Making Scene Model


    • Skin Texturing in Mari
    • Equipment Texturing in SP
    • Material adjustment of equipment texture


    • Scene lighting optimization
    • Optimizing Components
    • Xgen hair 
    • Rendering Settings 


  • Registration Process

    Formal registration procedures will be able to protect your rights



    If you are interested in the training course, please feel free to consult our staff on Skype for details of this course or more curriculum suggestions.



    Deposit for foreign students

    To ensure the learning opportunity, applicants for this course should prepay a part of the tuition fee

    After paying the deposit, students who cannot attend on time for personal reasons, the deposit can not be refunded。



    Two weeks before the training course begins, you will receive a notice from YCF. Please pay off the rest of the tuition fee to the same account that you paid the deposit because our teacher needs to know the necessary documents before class.

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